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700 Rivers is a global, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle brand that creates all-natural products that allow us to be kind to ourselves, kind to others, and kind to our planet.

Our mission is to create high-quality, eco-friendly products that employ women across the world who are guaranteed fair, living wages for their work, a safe work environment, and are treated with dignity and respect.

The 700 Rivers Story

The Impact Behind Your Purchase

700 Rivers soaps are hand-crafted by Bangladeshi artisans that have escaped human trafficking and are now steadily employed with dignified work. When you use a 700 Rivers soap bar, you can get a fresh start to your day while helping our Bangladeshi artisans get a fresh start in life.

We at 700 Rivers provide our artisans with fair wages, a dignified career, and a safe work environment.

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Group of 700 Rivers artisans with the founder of 700 Rivers, Catherina Gomes

Our Products

Ethically Made

Our products are all made by women that have escaped human trafficking and are now being paid fair, living wages to handcraft our all-natural soaps.

Safe Ingredients

Our ingredients are all natural and we never include any unnecessary chemicals.


Our ingredients and packaging are all sustainably sourced. Our packaging is not only plastic-free but also 100% biodegradable!


We are female founded and focused on women’s empowerment around the world. 700 Rivers is also a member of the Female Founder’s Collective.


Our products are never tested on animals.

Speedy shipping

Our team works hard to prepare your order as soon as we receive it!

Hi! My name is Cathy and I am the founder of 700 Rivers.

My family is originally from Bangladesh, a beautiful though impoverished land, and immigrated to America before I was born. Growing up in the USA, my family was able to achieve the American dream, where my sisters and I all got a great education and successful careers. This is significant to our family because in Bangladesh, women are not considered equal and their educations and careers are not prioritized as they are for men.

I have always known how fortunate I am for being able to grow up in a land of opportunity but I started thinking about the women in Bangladesh (and all over the world) that do not have the means to uproot their lives to a country of opportunity and what that means for their lives, their futures, and their children’s future. So I set out to create an opportunity.

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Why 700 Rivers?

Bangladesh is home to more than 700 rivers and waterways, which provide the country's people with life-giving water and fertile land. Much like our namesake, 700 Rivers seeks to enrich the lives of our workers and sustain our environment.

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Standing on a traditional noka boat on a river in Bangladesh

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