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Security Promise


At 700 Rivers, we use industry-standard security techniques to protect your data. These include encrypted data storage and transfer, frequent backups, and regular platform updates. We also encourage you to take time to secure your own 700 Rivers account with a strong password and up-to-date contact information.

Last updated January 2023

At 700 Rivers, privacy and data security are important to us, and both are paramount to the safety and security of our users and visitors. So is transparency. This promise aims to serve as a clear, transparent and easily digestible summary of 700 Rivers’ long-standing policies with respect to data privacy, security, and protection.

Below are a few examples of our active security policies and precautions at 700 Rivers. These measures, along with many others, serve to create a secure, reliable, and safe system for our users and community.

Strong Login Details

We generate passwords using a strong password generator and avoid predictable usernames and credentials. This approach makes it much harder for “brute force” attacks to successfully gain access to our platform. We don’t just apply this principle to website logins; the same level of security is applied to databases and account logins as well.

Regular Software Upgrades

We strive to ensure that the software that powers our platform is kept up to date, minimizing the risk of security vulnerabilities and reducing the chance of exploitation. Updates are often made in response to new security fixes and overall improvements.

Encrypted Infrastructure

Our databases and data storage volumes are designed to encrypt data at rest. We endeavor to encrypt all data submitted to 700 Rivers, including stories, emails, records, and feedback, and make it visible only to internal 700 Rivers administrators and third-party partners pursuant to our Privacy Policy.

Infrastructure Backups

Our system is designed to capture and encrypt all databases and preferences on a daily basis and store backups for at least one week. This provides extra insurance in the unlikely event of serious infrastructure failure.

Secure Hosting Over TLS

All of our platform websites, APIs, and databases are hosted on secure servers designed to run an TLS/SSL certificate. This essentially means that information is encrypted when transferred over the wire. This encryption makes it much more difficult for unscrupulous hackers to see those details.

We also run active monitoring tools to protect our users from things like malware, suspicious code and unexpected file changes, as well as logging platform activity to flag any unusual behavior.

Securing Your Account

As we continuously work to keep our community’s information secure, we also empower people with tools and information for good security habits. Some tips:

Keep your contact information updated: Link your most up to date phone number and/or email address to your 700 Rivers account. Email may be a method of alerting you of any suspicious activity on your account and can be used in confirming your identity if you ever get locked out.

Create a strong and unique password: Choose a password that’s memorable for you but difficult for others to guess. Unique means having a different password for each of your accounts, and strong means making the password complex by using at least 12 characters including numbers and symbols. Be sure to set up strong and unique passwords/PINs for all of the devices you use to access 700 Rivers such as laptop, phone, and other mobile devices. A password manager can help take the guesswork out of remembering dozens of unique usernames and passwords.

Security alerts: Our teams continuously monitor for suspicious or unauthorized activity. Keep track of recent unusual security events that you do not recognize.

Verify your devices: You can view phones and other mobile devices that are currently using or have recently accessed your 700 Rivers account. This will display all devices associated with your account, how you logged into the account, and when. Check this information to make sure no one else has signed in to your account.

Avoid phishing attacks: Phishing is a common method attackers use to trick others into giving up their personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security, or other sensitive data. Never trust any third-party websites that promise to give away free likes, fans, followers, or other incentives as they may be able to take your login info. Be sure to always verify any links sent to you via private message before accessing the page.

Don’t be fooled if someone contacts you pretending to be from 700 Rivers. Remember: any legitimate email from our teams will never ask you for your password!

If you find videos or receive messages on 700 Rivers that you think might be spam or phishing, please report them so our teams can continue to keep our community safe. You can also report videos by holding down on the detail indicator on the video and tapping ‘report.’

In Closing

At 700 Rivers, we are dedicated to earning and keeping your trust as you use our platform and participate in our community. Our goal is to make it easy for you to understand your privacy choices and we are fully committed to providing the data privacy and security that you expect. As we strive to maintain the highest standards of security and transparency, we welcome your feedback, comments, and questions at [email protected].

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