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700 Rivers Brand & Presskit

We want to make it easy for you to have the correct version of our logo, colors, and images for your needs.


Our logo is often the first and most memorable interaction someone will have with our brand. It has been precisely drawn for optimum visual balance. It is critical that the correct logo file be used to our specifications described below.

If your audience isn't familiar with 700 Rivers, we recommend using our full vertical logo.

If your audience is familiar with 700 Rivers, you may want to use the mark on its own.

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700 Rivers Vertical Logo

Vertical Logo

700 Rivers Horizontal Logo

Horizontal Logo

700 Rivers Logo Mark

Logo Mark

Do's and Don'ts

Please treat our logo with respect. There are a number of things that should never be done to our logo, a few of which are illustrated below. In brief: never alter our logo in any way.

Don't use the mark in a word

Don't compress or distort the logo

Don't use any color other than our brand sunrise for the logo

Don't use a different typeface for the wordmark

Don't use the wordmark without the logomark

Don't use the mark in an illustration

Don't redraw the mark

Don't alter the mark in any way

Don't Example #1
Don't Example #2
Don't Example #3
Don't Example #4
Don't Example #5
Don't Example #6

Brand Colors

Color is a strong brand identifier - it provides contrast and helps define hierarchy. We believe that color should be used boldly, but appropriately, to make content the clearest. Always use the exact color values as listed below.

Sunrise Light

Use for brand highlights

rgb(232, 187, 59)
0  19  75  9

Sunrise Dark

Use for brand contrast and shadow

rgb(191, 155, 46)
0  19  76  25

Pale Fiber

Use as content background

rgb(250, 249, 246)
0  0  2  2

Twilight Dark

Use for text & illustrations

rgb(74, 74, 74)
0  0  0  71

Twilight White

Use as content background

rgb(255, 255, 255)
0  0  0  0

Brand Fonts

Fonts are an important part of our brand identity - they help define the look and feel of 700 Rivers, both in print and online. We use our brand fonts to display our content, highlight features, and emphasize what is important on our platform.

Lexend Black

Lexend Bold

Lexend Regular


Lexend is a clean and clear font with a very warm and inviting feeling to it. We use Lexend for our headers, navigation and content.

Unna Bold

Unna Regular


Unna is a bold, well-finished, neoclassical font. We use Unna for items of emphasis on our website.

Color Distribution

Of equal importance to our color values is how they are used in relation to one another. We rely heavily on our primary sunrise, and use cascading neutral values to designate content hierarchy.

Press Images

We prefer to be represented in media with our most current look. If you are looking for an image that describes 700 Rivers and our work culture, feel free to use any of these photos that we've already taken.

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Catherina Gomes, Founder and CEO of 700 Rivers

Catherina Gomes

Founder & CEO

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