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Event Ticket - Glow and Grow Candle Making at Designed for Joy

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Date & Time
October 14 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
This event will be a 2-hour experience to create one-of-a-kind candles together in a fun and relaxed environment.
  • Candle Crafting: Learn the step-by-step candle making process by reviewing the tools needed, receiving safety instructions, get an overview of the clean ingredients you’ll be using, and get hands-on instructions to set up, design, and pour your own candle. We provide all the materials you’ll need, so you can focus on creating your masterpiece.
  • Personalized Intentions: Set an intention around the candle that is enhanced with an engraved wooden wick. You can choose a wick that says “JOY, PEACE, CALM, etc” to create a reminder of what you choose to bring into your life each time you light your candle.
  • Scent Exploration: Learn the scent development process to create a unique signature blend. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, spicy, or earthy notes, we have a wide range of clean, high-quality fragrance oil options.
  • Social Impact: Learn the history and mission of 700 Rivers, along with the gift-back program to fund scholarships for girls in Bangladesh to continue their education. This give-back program is funded by the purchase of each candle and your workshop ticket.
  • Glow and Grow: End your candle making experience by adding a wildflower seed embedded dust cover on top of your candle. This cover turns your candle in 2 products in 1. After burning your candle, plant the dust cover in the same vessel and then watch beautiful wildflowers bloom in your home – a living memento of your workshop experience. 
  • Take Home Your Masterpiece: After the workshop, you’ll leave with your personally crafted 12 oz candle, a unique creation that embodies your signature scent and style.
Ticket Price Includes:
  • 12 oz glass candle vessel
  • Seed paper dust cover embedded with wildflower seeds
  • Materials to make your own unique custom candle (100% vegan soy wax, engraved wooden wick, etc.)
  • Fragrance bar with up to 12 clean, luxury fragrance blends to sample and test
  • 700 Rivers gift bag
  • Opportunity to shop 700 Rivers soaps, bath bombs, and candles
  • Funding towards scholarships for girls in Bangladesh to continue their education.