Made in an amazing country by even more amazing women.

At 700 Rivers, we believe in an ethical and transparent supply chain. Our soaps are made in an amazing country by even more amazing women! Read below to find out who makes our soaps and our packaging!

Who Makes Our Soaps?

Who Makes Our Packaging?

Our packaging is handmade by the women of Shuktara Handmade Paper Project in Feni, Bangladesh which employs 32 artisans. This was the first handmade paper project in Bangladesh and started in 1989. As the use of paper has declined in recent years, 700 Rivers has partnered with these women to ensure they can continue to work.  700 Rivers’ soap boxes are handmade from jute, a vegetable fiber commonly grown in Bangladesh. The jute is converted into pulp and then into sheets of paper which are cut and folded into the soap boxes. Since the soap boxes are made from vegetable fiber, they are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Your soap purchases go directly towards new soap orders which translates to continued work for all these women! Thanks for playing a role in empowering women across the globe with a fresh start in life!