Our Growing Team

Hey friends!

 I’m about 5 weeks away from baby’s due date which means I am working on setting up the business for success while I will be out on maternity leave!

 Fun fact - the baby is the size of a pineapple

Fun life update: The baby is the size of a pineapple!

One of the biggest logistics I’ve had to prepare for is how we are going to maintain shipping out all our online orders! I’ve loved receiving and shipping out each and every one of your orders along with a handwritten note for the last three years.

700 Rivers has been growing slowly, strategically, and intentionally making sure that we don’t grow too fast and lose our values. That’s why moving our products into a warehouse and partnering with a fulfillment center was a big next step for us and we wanted to make sure we were staying true to our mission of employing people with equal opportunities. I’m so proud to share that we are partnering with Gabi’s PALS!

 Gabi's PALS team


This fulfillment center is a non-profit located right here in Raleigh, NC and employs over 40 people with special abilities!

So, though I may no longer be the one packing and shipping every one of your orders, know that this next step in our business is creating meaningful jobs for adults with disabilities right here in North Carolina! We could not be more delighted that your orders are creating positive and fair employment for communities globally and locally.

I’m so thankful to do life and business with you!