400 Thank Yous

Hello friends,

I hope you all had an amazing long weekend. We have an exciting update to share with you all! Weeks ago, I announced that 700 Rivers was working to sponsor a Bangladeshi orphanage with 400 children to donate masks for every child living there. This would create global impact in two ways. Firstly, we could adapt to address current needs and continue to employ our artisans while they worked from home to sew fabric face masks rather than handcrafting soap in our offices. Secondly, we could donate the produced fabric masks to children in need to protect them against the global pandemic.


I am ecstatic to announce that we did it!!  


This was a pretty big task to take on for a small company to not only ethically produce masks while continuing to pay fair wages to all our artisans but to also donate and distribute the entire production to an orphanage in need. However, 700 Rivers isn’t made up of just one founder and 28 artisans across the world. 700 Rivers is made up of everyone reading this email, supporting the mission, and continuously building up and growing our incredible community! You, my friends, are what makes 700 Rivers so special, so great, and so incredibly impactful!

Not only did your purchases help us continue to employ our artisans while they socially distanced and worked from home but the profits of our sales all went towards funding the cost of production and the donation of the masks to the children that did not have anyone else to advocate for them. You did that. Your choices and your purchases helped multiply your impact and influence across the world. You are incredible and I cannot thank you enough.  

After even all this, I have one more ask for you. Over the past ten months, we have supported artisans that have escaped human trafficking, donated to local non-profits, global organizations, and children in need. We have worked so hard together to support others near and far. But now, I want to ask: What can we do to support you? That is right, you! Our champions, our supporters, our friends. What can we do to support you? Email us, DM us, send a carrier pigeon. Whatever communication you choose, I sincerely want to hear what we can do to support you. You, the parent that is juggling working from home and virtual learning. You, the one who is taking care of your sick and elderly parents. You, the teacher that is taking on teaching 30 students through a laptop for the first time. You, the one that is still working to find the emotional capacity to deal with the happenings of the world for another day. What can we do to support you? It doesn’t have to be directly related to soap or even to 700 Rivers! We just want to know how you are doing right now and what we can do to support you, the way you have supported us for months now. We can’t wait to read the messages you have to share!

Thank you x 400!

All my best, 

Cathy and the 700 Rivers team